Maine Helicopter Weekend


SIKORSKY SEMINAR WEEKEND​ -  July 10-12,  2020

Igor  Ivanovich Sikorsky, the inventor of the practical helicopter was my  grandfather.  Inventor, designer, test pilot, and visionary, Igor  Sikorsky led a charmed life through his 83 years.  With excellent photos  and Sikorsky family speakers we will share with you Igor's Russian  years in aviation, his large Pan Am flying boats, and his helicopters.   The Sikorsky Seminar is held at The Bradford Camps on Munsungun Lake in  northern Maine.  Meals and private lodging in waterfront cabins are  included.

The 2020 Maine helicopter seminar will be held on July 10, 11, 12.  Cost is $489 per person, double occupancy which includes all meals, private lodging,  and full use of all facilities including boats, motors and kayaks.   Daytime and evening schedule is outlined below.  Also included is a  scenic flight with Igor I. Sikorsky, III !

 Guests are welcome to browse the aviation library during the day which includes videos, books, artifacts and photos. Other activities include: fishing and fly fishing, kayaking, relaxing on the porches with a good book, and hiking.  Guides can be arranged for fishing, a moose watch, and sporting clays.  Our meals are  excellently prepared and served to your private table in our handsome  lodge. The lectures will be given by his son, grandson and other members  of the immediate family.