What do your prices include?
They  include a private waterfront guest cabin with full bath and porch over  looking the lake. Our main lodge serves three meals a day with waitress  service to your private table. The lodge also has a fine  library, comfortable chairs, and a field-stone fireplace.  Lunches will  be packed for you if you plan to spend the day out on the trail. Canoes  and kayaks are free (boats and motors are available for an additional  fee).  You might want to add a FLY-OUT, which gives you more opportunity  to see our area and discover even more remote areas.  Your cabin is  cleaned daily. 

Should I hire a guide?
Our Professional Maine Guides have  accumulated over a hundred years' experience in the woods and waters  around Munsungan Lake and will ensure you the best chance at catching  that trophy fish, Bagging a big bear, seeing that monster moose,  limiting out on grouse, or just having a great time in the woods of  Maine.  Our guides will really teach you a lot about our area.  They are  full of wisdom and stories and keep the day interesting.  A Bradford  Guide is a must for fly fishermen seeking wild brook trout, whether they  be experienced casters or new to the sport.  The secrets of the  Munsungan Salmon will open up to those taking a guide on the lake for  the day, as many will attest to. Most of our return guests have the same  guide for their whole stay, year after year.  It becomes part of their  trip, and Bradford Camps would not be the same without them. They can  cook you a noon meal out on the trail, and make sure you get back to  your cabin at night!  The guided day is catered to your desires.  Its a  great learning day for you and would be a highlight of your trip.  LINK to GUIDES

  • Guides for first time fishermen this  is really a must.  Plus it's lots of fun.  The guide comes with all  equipment, saving you the cost of boat and motor, and can take you out  on the lake to catch salmon and also teach you how to fly fish.
  • Guides for the experienced fisherman you  have the luxury of being taken to where the fishing is best for that  time of year and the weather of the day.  He will also man the boat and  anchors, etc. giving you more time to concentrate on fishing.  Fly  fishermen almost without fail will require a guide to get to the right  ponds at the right time of year, in the right spots with the right  flies.  The guide will often turn a potentially frustrating fishing  vacation into a "best week of fishing in my life."
  • Hunters new  to our woods will benefit from a guide for the obvious reasons of  knowing where the game are and how best to get to them.  Grouse hunters  have the benefit of getting to known good covers, one after the other,  for wild birds.  Bear hunters get the experience a guide has to make  sure no mistakes are made.  Our moose hunts are exclusively guided, for  many good reasons.  All in all, a guide lives each summer in our woods  and during that time reads the movements and activities of game for the  fall hunters so that a lot of the "homework" is done by the time the  hunter arrives.
  • Vacationers can  have a great day with a guide on the Allagash River, fishing the lake  or fly fishing a pond, moose watching, learning woods skills, or having a  cookout in the woods in the footsteps of Thoreau.

Is it a good vacation for children? 
Bradford  Camps is a great place to bring kids. Overlapping families allow the  kids to make new friendships that last year after year.  Activities for  families include fishing, canoeing, hiking, swimming, horseshoes,  badminton as well as rainy-day games in the lodge. Our dock will provide  a "fish on each cast" for the young angler. Our shooting range is a  great place to teach young teenagers about the safety, etiquette, and  enjoyment of firearms, and we can arrange for a short safety course with  supervision at the range using our .22 cal rifle. Another interesting  experience is to take our map, compass, and GPS course.  

We offer  reduced family RATES and we recommend July and August for kids.  LINK to Family Vacations

What Should I Bring?
Since  we provide all conveniences, you need only pack your clothing, sporting  gear and personal items.  Fishermen will usually bring their own  fishing gear.  If you are hiring a guide, he will provide all the gear  necessary for fishing the lake.  If you want to try fly fishing, we have  rental gear available for you  You are welcome to bring your own bar  and we will provide lake ice for your cooler.  We do not have a liquor  license, guests are welcome to BYOB - beer wine booze soda.
**Please be sure to include: Rain gear, hat, boots, personal medications, sunscreen, flashlight, and clothing appropriate for the season.  And maybe that book you have wanted to dive into!

Where is the Bradford Camps?
We  are located in the Allagash region of Northwestern Maine, just north of  Baxter State Park, in Township T8 R10. We are surrounded by over 3  million acres of wild forest known as the North Maine Woods. We are the  only camps on 1500 acre Munsungun Lake; the headwaters of the Aroostook  watershed. The camps are accessible by driving in two wheel drive vehicles as well as by floatplane.       Lat N46 23'27"  W69 00'10"   See below and on home page for Bradford Location.

Do you have Phone or Data service available?
Bradford Camps has only a satellite base telephone available during the day.  Texting and online data is NOT available.  Your Cellular phone will not work while  you are driving to Bradford Camps, or while you are at camp (and this is a  good thing...). Cost for use of our satellite phone is $1/minute, you are welcome to use it anytime.

Do you have internet service available?
No, there is not (again, a good thing...).  Its what we call  "DOT CALM".    However we can provide limited emergency notices to you each evening sent from  the outside world, if they are sent to us by email to maine@bradfordcamps.com.   

How do I reach Bradford Camps?
We can be reached via phone, email, or U.S. mail.
Year 'round  207-433-0660
E-mail: maine@bradfordcamps.com

regular mail (May-October):
Bradford Camps 
P.O. Box 729 
Ashland, Maine   04732 

regular mail (Novenber - April)

Bradford Camps

20 Trafton Lane

Kittery,  MAINE  03904

Can I bring my dog?
October  bird season is our only "dog time".  In October we require that all  dogs be vaccinated against kennel cough.  We also require that dogs are  kept off our beds, and ask that you help remove doggie doodie from the  yard where we all walk.  We love dogs and look forward to meeting them  all in October! 

How far in advance do I need to reserve?
Right  now is a good time!  We will take reservations anytime that we have  availability, up to the last minute.  However to assure your space at  Bradford you should make your deposit as soon as you can.  Booking early  will assure your desired dates.  If you plan to hire a guide then you  should book ASAP to assure their availability, as well as getting the  right guide to match your desires.  Many guests book their trip in  January, February and March to reserve their favorite cabin and guide.   Booking before the end of the year will hold the previous year's lodging  rates.  Deposits are non-refundable within 60 days of planned arrival.

What are the cabins like?
The log cabins are  all fully furnished and include made beds, towels, glasses, soap, etc,  just like any modern hotel room.  They are all waterfront, and have  porches with chairs to enjoy the cool breezes of the summer and evening  sunsets.  The cabins do NOT have electricity, they are lit in the  evenings with propane wall fixtures that provide a pleasing soft glow.   Guests who like to read at night in bed may want to bring a headlamp or  other flashlight.  In general, flashlights are helpful.  The cabins also  do not have clocks (and most guests LIKE it that way!) but you might  want to bring a portable bedside clock also.  We will be happy to try to  fill special needs and forgotten items as best we can.     (BTW, our  main lodge does have electricity to charge your cameras.)