Maine Outpost Cabins

Aside from our Maine cabins on Munsungan Lake, we have two outpost cabins on Reed Pond, and one cabin on Bluffer Pond.  



Reed Pond fishing cabin

Our Maine outpost cabins are very remote - the only cabins on the pond.  The ponds are fly fishing only for native  trout and blueback charr.


Blueback fishing cabin on Reed Pond

The cabins have a dry sink kitchen, bunks with mattresses, all utensils, and gas lights.  You can outfit your own food and sleeping bags.  We also can outfit you with food and linens and blankets.

Surrounding Area

Fly out fishing trips

There are no roads, no boat access, basically no trails, and no campsites.  You will possibly be all alone for your whole stay.  The water is clean, and air pure, there is wildlife all around you.


Reed Pond arctic charr fishing

The Maine Outpost cabins cabins rent for $85 per person per night.  There is a minimum charge of $510 for your whole stay.  (one person for 6 nights, or two people for three nights meets the minimum)


Fly in to Reed Pond

Hiking in is not a good option, as you have to bring all your food and gear with you.  Flying in to our Maine outpost cabins is how everyone does it, cost is about $120 pp round trip....


Trophy wild brook trout

Some people go to our outpost cabins to get away.  Many go or the fishing.  Brook trout and Blueback trout can be quite large, up to 24 inches!  Fly Casting Only is the rule.