Northern Maine FLOATPLANES


Bradford  Camps is located about fifty miles from the nearest town over  commercial logging roads.  If you are driving in you need to be cautious  of the wide load trucks coming at you from around the corner.  Time,  flat tire risks, mud and dust are reasons many guests choose to fly in  to camp rather than drive. 

Flying to Bradford Camps is for many the way to go.   
The  trip will cost from $200 to $400 per person, round trip, double  occupancy, depending on take-off point. - usually Shin Pond, Millinocket  or Bangor.  The trip takes between 20 minutes and an hour. When you  compare this with fuel costs, North Maine Woods road use fees ($50 per  person), wear and tear on your vehicle and two to four hours shorter  travel time you may find that flying in is well worth it.  KATAHDIN AIR  SERVICE out of Millinocket will fly you from Millinocket or Bangor.  Our  own aircraft will fly you in from Shin Pond.   Prices subject to  change.  Please contact us to help with flight arrangements. 

Charter flights can also be arranged from any other point in New England!

Commercial Flights to Maine are to Bangor or Presque - Isle

‚ÄčAnd for those REALLY COOL PEOPLE with their own floatplane:

Seaplane Base ME3     Coordinates  Lat-N 46 - 23'   Lon-W 69 - 00'
Arriving Aircraft monitor 122.85 north of Millinocket (MLT)