Maine Waterfront Log Cabins

Cabins with Full Baths

private waterfront Maine cabin

Our waterfront cabins are complete with daily full service,  bathrooms, made beds, woodstoves, and gas lighting.  They are well maintained, and all have front porches overlooking Munsungan Lake.  There are no cooking facilities because all meals are served in the lake resort lodge.

Only Cabins on the Lake

Bradford Camps on Munsungan Lake

That about says it....  we are the only cabins on Munsungan Lake.  Most of the lake is protected from development, so you can expect  a quiet evening, every evening.

Lodge and Dining Room

Maine fishing hunting lodge

Our full service lodge has one of the most handsome rooms in the North Maine Woods.  Fieldstone fireplace, interesting library, rocking chairs and couches.  

Cabins Cleaned Daily

Waterfront cabin interior

Comfortable mattresses, warm wool blankets, 24 hr hot water showers, beautifully crafted waterfront cabins.  

Lodge / Library / Game Room

Maine lodge and cabins

Our lodge is a ZERO electronic game space.  Great books, and tons of board games and puzzles for the whole family.  For rainy days, the lodge can be a place to hang out and enjoy family time, with a book or a group game.

Outside, on nice days, there are lawn games like horseshoes, badminton, bocce, kickball, bean toss, or get your own capture the flag game going!

Waterfront Cabins

American Plan Maine sporting camp

Homemade breads and desserts, vegetables from our garden in season, fine cuts of beef, chicken and pork.  Our full service dining room serves comfort food at its finest.  And served with a smile to your table.