Maine Hunting Fishing Guides

Our registered Maine Hunting Fishing Guides are experienced and will take you to the places to catch fish, see game, and show you a great day in the woods and on the water.

For fishing, Maine guides come with most equipment, a boat and motor, and 4WD vehicle for outlying ponds.  

For hunting the guide comes with truck, and great knowledge of our area.  He knows the grouse habits, the bear locations, and the moose techniques, for a great Maine hunt.

Hiring a Maine Guide?

 Our Professional Maine Guides have  accumulated over a hundred years' experience in the woods and waters  around Munsungan Lake and will ensure you the best chance at catching  that trophy fish, Bagging a big bear, seeing that monster moose,  limiting out on grouse, or just having a great time in the woods of  Maine.  Our guides will really teach you a lot about our area.  They are  full of wisdom and stories and keep the day interesting.  A Bradford  Guide is a must for fly fishermen seeking wild brook trout, whether they  be experienced casters or new to the sport.  The secrets of the  Munsungan Salmon will open up to those taking a guide on the lake for  the day, as many will attest to. Most of our return guests have the same  guide for their whole stay, year after year.  It becomes part of their  trip, and Bradford Camps would not be the same without them. They can  cook you a noon meal out on the trail, and make sure you get back to  your cabin at night!  The guided day is catered to your desires.  Its a  great learning day for you and would be a highlight of your trip.  LINK to GUIDES  

  • Guides for first time fishermen this  is really a must.  Plus it's lots of fun.  The guide comes with all  equipment, saving you the cost of boat and motor, and can take you out  on the lake to catch salmon and also teach you how to fly fish. 
  • Guides for the experienced fisherman you  have the luxury of being taken to where the fishing is best for that  time of year and the weather of the day.  He will also man the boat and  anchors, etc. giving you more time to concentrate on fishing.  Fly  fishermen almost without fail will require a guide to get to the right  ponds at the right time of year, in the right spots with the right  flies.  The guide will often turn a potentially frustrating fishing  vacation into a "best week of fishing in my life." 
  • Hunters new  to our woods will benefit from a guide for the obvious reasons of  knowing where the game are and how best to get to them.  Grouse hunters  have the benefit of getting to known good covers, one after the other,  for wild birds.  Bear hunters get the experience a guide has to make  sure no mistakes are made.  Our moose hunts are exclusively guided, for  many good reasons.  All in all, a guide lives each summer in our woods  and during that time reads the movements and activities of game for the  fall hunters so that a lot of the "homework" is done by the time the  hunter arrives. 
  • Vacationers can  have a great day with a guide on the Allagash River, fishing the lake  or fly fishing a pond, moose watching, learning woods skills, or having a  cookout in the woods in the footsteps of Thoreau. 

Maine professional guide

Maine professional guide