FISHING at Bradford Camps

Landlocked Salmon

Trophy landlocked salmon

 We are on Maine's pristine Munsungun  Lake (four miles long, 123 feet deep) which is our primary fishing water  for landlocked salmon and lake trout at our lake resort.  We have some of the best  landlocked salmon fishing in Maine.  If wild fish are what you are  after, we have the native salmon for you!  They fight hard, and are very  plentiful.  Generally trolling is the best method for catching these  fish, although they can come to the surface for various hatches  throughout the year, especially in the evening.  So spend the day  roaming the waters deep, then bring out the fly rod after supper!

 Munsungun  Lake is one of the top Five Waters for Landlocked Salmon and the Top  Ten Waters for Brook Trout fly fishing.   Some of Maine's best land locked salmon  fishing is at ice-out - the first week in May.  Salmon trolling smelt  and smelt patterns can bring 20-30 fish to the boat a day.  Sizes  average from 15 to 22 inches and larger, with weights up to four pounds  or more.

Maine Fishing Guides will  help you with all tackle, boat operation, and where to find the fish  and how.  Or you can rent a boat and strike out on your own.  We will  all be glad to help you find fish and catch them, and we will even  prepare your fish for a side course at dinner.  Our smoker is always  ready for service.  There is nothing like a fresh smoked salmon or lake  trout to go along with that pre-dinner cocktail! 

Wild Trophy Brook Trout

Wild Maine brook trout

The best trophy brook trout fly fishing time is the end of May through June, and all of September.  That said, we still have very good Maine fishing on some ponds during the months of July and August for these beautiful fish.  Wild brook trout of northern Maine are the largest of their kind.  We have access to brook trout and blueback charr over twenty inches.  

There are some waters that hold pan sized 10 inch brook trout  also.  These are really fun to catch and very plentiful.  Many of our fly casters are after trophies, and most of these waters are fly casting only.  Six of the waters that we fish have a legal limit of minimum 18 inches, just to give you an idea.

Again, the best months are the end of May through June, and all of September.  And we still have very good luck on some ponds during the months of July and August.

Most trout fishing ends on the final days of September at our Maine lake resort.

Native Lake Trout

Trophy togue lake trout

Munsungan Lake is home to one of the last purely wild populations of lake trout, also known as togue.  

Sizes range from 12 inches up to 30+ inches, weighing twenty pounds. At our lake resort, these fish are generally caught deep, by trolling all manner of lures and flies and bait.

These fish will feed throughout the Maine fishing season.  It is a honed skill that can plumb the depths and fool ol' mossy-gill to hit your line!  You can spend the day trolling deep, and if you happen to see a surface hatch in the evening, you can try some salmon and trout fly fishing.

Wild Blueback Charr

Wild arctic charr blueback

The blue back trout, known as arctic charr, is a rare fish.  Only 14 ponds in the lower 48 have these fish.  One of the ponds near our lake resort has blueback trout fly fishing.  There is quite a story about this pond, it was reclaimed a decade ago, to clean the pond of invasive fish.  We have a Maine fishing outpost cabin on the shores of this pond, and guests can spend the night after flying in.   

Blueback trout are a deep fish, that feed largely on single-cell zooplankton (think hook-size 75).  However when they get large enough they will feed on flies.  Occasionally they are caught up high in the column, but mostly we use wet lines for these once-in-a-lifetime fish.

Check out this UTUBE vid of our reclamation efforts:

Flatwater Fly Fishing

Flatwater fly fishing

 Surrounding our Munsungun Lake resort are  numerous remote Maine trout fly fishing only ponds that produce wild brook  trout from ten inches to four pounds and more. June and early July are  great for dry fly casting for these native brookies, August is a wet  line, nymph casting month, and September remains a fantastic month to  catch numerous Maine wild trout in their full spawning colors on top or  just under.   We have canoes on these remote ponds that are accessed by  four wheel drive and on foot, or by our Maine fishing float plane.  A  Bradford Camps registered Maine guide is recommended for all or part of  your stay to enjoy these waters that are considered by many to be the  last vestige of trophy wild and native brook trout in the lower 49. 

River Fishing

Fly out river fishing

 The Allagash River is close by for a Maine fishing day trip.  It offers excellent brook trout fly fishing in May, June and  September.  The middle of the summer can be good when the weather gives  us some cooler water.  Spin Casting is also available on the Allagash.

A short seaplane flight from our lake resort is the East Branch of the Penobscot  River.  We have great brook trout success on various branches, best time is late May - mid June, and September.  Fishing northern Maine's moving water is very weather dependent.  Spin Casting is also available on the  Penobscot..

Munsungan Lake is  the headwaters of the Aroostook River which is the landlocked salmon nursery of  Munsungan.  These River fishing sections are very remote and quite  scenic.  Maine brook trout and salmon can range 10" up to 18 inches and  more in these rivers.  Fly fishing methods include dry fly casting,  streamer fishing, and dead drift nymphing.