Expect quiet,  expect friendship,  expect clean cabins, 

 expect scrumptious meals,  

expect vacation relaxation, expect an occasional moose ...



 Friends & Family of Bradford Camps

 We  knew the day would come for us to make a decision about the future of  our 2020 season.  Sadly, after spending countless hours, days and weeks,  we feel the most responsible and careful conclusion is to remain  closed.  Like us, we know you have all been counting the days till you  can relax on your porch of your favorite cabin, sharing camaraderie with  your friends and family.  We have weighed every option, contemplated  every solution, gathered as much pandemic related advice to figure out a  solution.  Unfortunately, we are not able to come up with a plan that  will keep everyone safe and happy at the same time.  

 The  state of Maine has provided a phased plan for opening businesses such  as sporting camps, yet it is not a “one size fits all” solution.  What  we all love about the Bradford Camps is its unique qualities of  togetherness, support, and social interaction, as well as its small  neighborhoodly size.  These same qualities make it impossible to run  Bradford Camps safely and legally.

 If  you have a deposit with us, you are welcome to recall it.  Many people  will need all their resources and more to recover from this.  We very  much hope however that you can keep your deposit with us for a 2021  visit.  For those who do so, you will receive a 5% discount off your  nightly rate in 2021.  Your friendship, loyalty and understanding mean  so much to us.   With your support and loyalty, we will get through  this.   

 As  the details of this pandemic unfold and change, if tracking and testing  gets going, and a real treatment emerges, we will consider opening up  later this season.  Perhaps the virus will just “disappear” one day...

This pandemic is causing so much stress and strife in the world.  No matter how long this takes to recover, Munsungan Lake and the North Maine Woods will be as beautiful as always.

 We will keep in touch.  And we will always want to hear from you!!

 Igor and Karen



Trophy Brook Trout




Maine Wild Brook Trout, Landlocked Salmon, Lake Trout, Togue, and Blueback Charr.

Fly Fishing, Trolling, and spin casting

Maine grouse hunting




Maine Black Bear Hunting, Partridge Hunting, Grouse and upland hunting, Maine moose hunting, in the largest northern forest in the Northeast!

Remote waterfront view




Maine family waterfront vacations, Maine wireless remote getaways.  Turn your cell phone into a great camera.  Come and E-TOX your mind and body here!

Quick Glimpse - About Us


The  Bradford Camps is a Maine sporting camp located in the middle of the  North Maine Woods - all FOUR million acres of it.  We are FIFTY miles of  gravel roads away from the nearest TOWN, PAVED ROAD, TELEPHONE POLE,  CELL SIGNAL, GAS STATION, and FRUITCAKE VENDOR .  This is part of what we are all about.  (we make our own fruitcake...)

The  Camps were established in 1890, and have been in continuous operation with only 5 owners for the past 130 years.  It is a traditional hunting and fishing lodge providing private cabins with full bathrooms and all meals.  It is a fishing and hunting paradise, and we also invite those who  just want to get away, relax, and check in with themselves, their family, and the natural world.

Karen and Igor Sikorsky have owned and operated the camps for 25 years, and enjoyed every bit of it.  Our goal is to give people some truly rewarding, relaxing, and comfortable vacation time, free from worries.  We know how valuable your vacation time is, and we take our jobs seriously to give you a trip you will cherish.

Enjoy our website, there is a lot here to take in.  Then come up to our woods!  The REAL stuff is up here!


Come Have Some Old Fashioned Fun!

Floatplane on Lake

Maine Fishing

Maine Salmon fishing, Maine brook trout fly fishing, Maine lake fishing, Maine Charr fishing.  Maine's cold-water fish are all here! You just bring your rod and sunglasses!

Maine Hunting

Maine Black bear hunting, Maine grouse hunting, upland and partridge hunting in Maine, Maine moose hunting, we have it all at our lake resort!  Just bring your hunting gear, we take care of the rest!

Chill Out Vacations

All you need is a 5 o'clock somewhere attitude!  Relax, play, hike, swim, read, nap, explore, learn.  Get ready for a DOT CALM vacation.... (hee hee)


Our Maine waterfront log cabins are beautifully built, with full baths, and cleaned daily.  All meals are included, freshly prepared and served in our lake resort lodge.  Vacation starts here and now!

Price Check

$219 Per person per night meals and lodging included.  Guides $300 per day split two ways.  Taxes, tips, licenses, etc in addition.

Click on pricelist for details and discounts.

Registered Maine Guides

Seasoned friendly guides are available (book ahead) to bring you to the fish and the wildlife.  

Floatplane Bush Pilot Services

Our floatplane and companion bush pilots will bring you around with comfort and ease.

Remote Outpost Cabins

Need to get away from this getaway?  Fly out to our remote cabins, we will outfit you!

Special Events and Weekends

Sikorsky Aviation Seminar,  Wool Scouts Knitting Retreat, Birders Weekend, check it out!

Details.... Details....

FAQs...this stuff is IMPORTANT!!  Skim through it to answer the usual questions...

But Wait, There's More!

This section includes  our bio, old newsletters, Bradford history,  and articles written about Bradford Camps.

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To get here please consider our floatplane service!

You CAN drive in, but its 50 plus miles on remote back dirt roads.  PLEASE do not use your GPS to get here....  You WILL (maybe) get lost!

Please ASK us or print out our directions!!  Or we can arrange a floatplane to pick you up anywhere in Maine or New Hampshire.

Bradford Camps

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