Maine moose hunts are in September  and October, please contact us for licensing information.  A Maine  trophy moose can be as large as 1000 pounds dressed weight with a rack  spread of between 45 and 60 inches.  Hunting moose season dates are  usually the last week of September and the second week in October,  although it changes from year to year.  A Maine moose hunt at our camps  comes with the services of  Moose hunting guides. This hunt is a once in  a lifetime opportunity for a Maine moose, the best moose hunt in the  world. Applications for a license are available by DIFW,  online, after January 1 and due by the first of April or they are  available by contacting us.  We will get you in touch with the wildlife  department and also guide you through the application process.

During  the rut our trophy Maine moose are called in by Bradford Camps  registered Maine guides.  Calling is very effective in attracting trophy bulls  that are looking for a mate.  It is one of the most exciting hunts in  the world when you hear a Maine bull moose grunting his way through the  woods towards you!

Scouting for your moose is available with a  pre-week guide service, as well as by floatplane located at camp.  We  will locate  moose before you arrive, and study ways to get to  them, and hold them in those general areas by calling and keeping them  interested.  

Contact us early in the year if you want to be  provided with a moose hunting Maine permit.  New laws will allow  us to make a few permits available to you.

​You  can also bid on one of ten auction hunts offered by the state each  year.  The auction money goes towards a youth camp for underprivileged  Maine residents.  The bid details are available online at the Maine DIFW website, or call us and we will help you.