Maine Grouse and Woodcock Hunting


October and November are our Maine grouse hunting and Maine woodcock hunting months.   We offer Cabins and guides for Maine grouse hunting and Maine woodcock  hunting, Maine partridge hunting and guided Maine upland hunts. Bradford  Camps, because it is in the remote North Maine Woods, is very fortunate  to be centered in excellent habitat for partridge,  woodcock and snowshoe hare hunting.  There are endless old skid roads  through the woods to explore with your dog and the tree growth varies  dramatically from dense softwood thickets to old growth hardwood to  young birch, beech, and maple groves, all excellent habitat for bird  hunting. The lower hardwood wetlands of alder and birch  woodcock use on  their migrations.  A Snowshoe Hare seen during the day  is a nice bonus!  We will pack a lunch for you if desired or have a hot  meal ready if you choose to come back to camp mid-day.  For guided  Maine upland hunts, our registered guides will prepare a cookout for the  noon meal as you discuss strategies for the afternoon hunt. During a  good year the hunter should see 10-20 or more partridge flushes per day and  our best guess right now is that we are heading toward a “good  year”.  We encourage hunters to bring their hunting dogs at this time of  year.  However hunting dogs are not necessary; we have guides with  dogs, and you also can have very good hunting on your own.

​Terrain  varies widely from lowland dark spruce/fir growth, to open hardwood  ridges.  Most of our ruffed grouse hunting is on old logging roads that  are not passable by vehicle any more.  The walking is fairly easy, and  the edge habitat and gravel attract the birds.  Our website has a topo map of  the area around the camps to give you an idea of the terrain.  All  gauges are recommended: 410 through 12 gauge, and size 6-7 shot is about  right, with an open choke and full choke on doubles.

Bradford  Camps Lodge and Cabins grouse hunting Maine - your will not be  disappointed!  Also be sure to check out our OTHER Bradford Camps Lodge  and Cabins fishing and hunting trips.